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THOSE LIPS THOSE LIES Screenplay by Bob Reitano

Screenplay by Adrienne Lusby & Emiliana Monahan Dore

Professor William Maddox is Canada’s foremost expert on legends and mythology.  But there’s a reason why he’s so familiar with the unusual... In his hometown of Shadow Bay, Nova Scotia, it’s all true.  

The sole descendant of the town’s founder, Will resides at Maddox Manor, an enormous Gothic masterpiece perched on a hill overlooking all of Shadow Bay. But the truth about Shadow Bay’s origins are kept secret by the elders in the town – an unspoken agreement that keeps the younger generations, including Will, literally in the dark.

Will’s childhood friend, Charlotte (“Charlie”) Cabot is now the town Sheriff. Will serves as her volunteer deputy, giving him access to Shadow Bay’s regular paranormal happenings and endless material for his lectures. Their relationship is platonic but there is a clear desire on both their parts for it to be more. The only thing holding them back...their own mysterious past involving their childhood friend, Simon, whose disappearance is inextricably linked to the greater secrets of the town.

While clearly focused on each week’s eerie and odd events, every case
Will and Charlie explore, leads them one step closer to unraveling the bigger truth... about Simon, themselves, and ultimately, the town of Shadow Bay, itself.