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THE COMPOUND Screenplay by Adrienne Lusby & Emiliana Monahan Dore

Screenplay by Adrienne Lusby & Emiliana Monahan Dore

There’s nothing funnier than a bad date. As long as it’s not yours... Columnist Annie DeWilde, aka ‘The Hopeless Cynic’, has written about so many women’s nightmare dates, she’s pretty much given up on love. But when Annie decides to write about one bad date too many, the latest victim of her column turns out to be none other than Jack Sinclair, a fellow-writer and all around decent guy. His friends convince him to write a letter to Annie’s editor, which creates such a sensation, that the paper decides to make him a guest columnist alongside Annie - much to her chagrin.

But when Annie and Jack meet in person, not knowing who the other one is, their chemistry is undeniable. As the war between the sexes escalates through a series of hilarious bad dates (a la WEDDING CRASHERS and THE 40-YEAR OLD VIRGIN), Annie and Jack’s own attraction grows, culminating with the most romantic Valentine’s Day date ever. The only problem is, they both make their living writing about bad dates…and now they’re supposed to write about their own.

How do you ruin the perfect date? And once you do, how do you save it?