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THE COMPOUND Screenplay by Adrienne Lusby & Emiliana Monahan Dore

by Annie Bradshaw

Thrown out of his own country and accused of treason, a young man of barely nineteen finds himself an outlaw, leading a disgruntled body of men as they flee from a psychotic King determined to see him dead.

Just three years before, this same King welcomed him as a hero. Gave him his daughter in marriage and appointed him commander of his personal garrison. Now this boy on the edge of manhood battles day by day to defend his men and their families in a hostile land and establish himself as the great leader his called to be.

This is a story of Love, Destiny, Betrayal and war. This is the story of David.

A Powerful Adaptation of the Old Testament story, THE POET KING Trilogy brings to life the story of the shepherd boy turned giant killer to the King loved by the people and the man almost destroyed by the love of a woman.

In the midst of this ancient, battle-torn tale, emerge a host of men and women of extraordinary power. Some driven by lust for vengeance, other compelled to enforce their own destiny.

And through it all – Bloodshed, Intrigue, and Obsession – David continues to trust in the invisible God who often eludes him.

THE POET KING will find its place in the pantheon of Epic Tales that have successfully gripped a global audience. We have watched Kingdoms fight for a ring. We have watched Wallace Die for freedom. THE POET KING brings us the Greatest Quest – a man who dares to reach for the ultimate goal.