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THOSE LIPS THOSE LIES Screenplay by Bob Reitano

Screenplay by BOB REITANO

A wealthy doctor and his beautiful wife Catherine are found shot in their grand Bedford Hills, NY home. The doctor is DOA but his wife survives for a day. Mario Borri, a Westchester County, N.Y. homicide detective, begins the murder investigation and is drawn into a strange, far-reaching case that will test his will, his marriage, his imagination and his sanity. But if he can solve it, it will also give him a long sought redemption for a lingering crime he once committed.

The trail of evidence takes Mario to Savannah, Georgia, where he is drawn into a complicated web of lies and deceit -- and a world of secrecy, duplicity and strange people with stranger tastes. The greatest mystery of all is the elusive Joyce, a beautiful Southern Belle and a sociopathic liar, who he is hopelessly drawn to. Nothing this woman says is true. Except maybe one thing... Ah, those lips, those lies.