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Another Sh**ty Day in Paradise

I HAVE A SCRIPT! (In God We Trust)
A Comedy /Fantasy

Everyone in Hollywood has a script, and they all want to show it to Maurice Newman – a young director desperate to find a good script. Maurice can’t talk to his own mother without being pitched on a lamebrain film idea. It’s exhausting to have to say no all the time. Even God himself has a story that he wants Maurice to direct – except this time, Maurice really can’t walk away...

As Maurice gets into production on God’s movie, good things start to happen. He has a fancy office at a fancy LA address, a closet filled with designer suits all in his size, and a beautiful assistant, Angela, who he can swear he’s seen before... somewhere. It doesn’t matter that God isn’t showing the actual script to anyone – this is the break of a lifetime!

As word spreads that God is making a movie, weird things start to happen. Religious extremists and other kooks crawl out of every crack and crevice. And the Devil incarnate, in the form of a mega-powerful Hollywood agent, does everything within his power to try and shut the film down.

Yet God doesn’t back down easily – and Maurice can’t walk away. Nothing can stand in the way of this movie getting made, not even the fact that no one knows what it’s about. Maurice is going to put this one in the can. And he’s going to get the girl, Angela, who turns out to be the actual girl of his dreams.

Will Good prevail over Hollywood slime tactics? Can one movie bring about world peace? Should the special effects guys try to recreate a more realistic burning bush? These questions and more are answered in God’s own movie - “I Have a Script!”